Bikes to customize?

edited December 2011 in The workshop
I ride bikes alot, i have owned many custom built BMX's and one custom MTB.
The thing i enjoy about these kinds of bikes is thl customization; having a bike that stands out from the crowd but is also generally nice to ride. this is why i began riding bmx, because i could make it look how i wanted, i used to love going to pijin and buying new wheels and frames and i ended up with one of the nicest looking bikes around. MTB's also offer this freedom when it comes to customization but for a much higher price i find, and they aren't as fun to ride as BMX's. i had to sell my BMX because i was simply getting to tall to ride them comfortably ect.
i am writing this thread to see if anyone can show me other bikes to customize, i have looked into fixed gear bikes and trials bikes, and i like the idea of a cruiser/chopper but i would feel like an idiot riding around on one of them lol,

If you have an idea could you please show me a photo of the kind of thing i could end up with, thanks :)