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BMX Recommendations for teenager please.

morstarmorstar Posts: 6,190
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OK, it's happened, the eldest wants the one type of bike about which I know pretty much diddly squat.

Could anybody kindly recommend something that is solid and dependable and suitable for being treated with complete disdain by a very heavy handed and careless teenager? I think half pipes and general riding on pavements, annoying as many people as possible will be the modus operandi. (It's an inspiring story I know!)

Budget is provisionally at £200 - £300. Just a few pointers of basics, brands, models to go for / avoid would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



  • hi, i would look at the dirty bmx range. the grease monkey is within budget and is fitted with 25/9 gearing and amnesti parts.
    dirty are made by dawes cycles, we have had no issues and they are designed to be used and abused.
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