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1st bike, Genesis day 1?

baileyswalkbaileyswalk Posts: 6
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Hi Folks,

First post here, nice forum, site & plenty of people who seem to know their onions :-]

I’m looking into getting a bike on the cycle scheme for commuting so it needs to be tough and ready to go in any weather (Scottish weather). I have been spending waaay to much time trawling bike review sites on the internet this weekend, to such an extent that everything else has been neglected (women, food, football, personal hygiene etc..). I have finally settled on what I think looks to be a good, simple, no-nonsense bike; the single speed Genesis Day One flat bar. However, bearing in mind I don’t know sh#t about bikes I was hoping for some advice/abuse, first-hand experience and alternatives.

The only other alternative that really caught my eye was the Identiti Persona… probably don’t have the right beanie and baggies combo for this bike tho :-s

One final thing – I’m 5’11 with a 32” leg. On some bike models this seems to put me right in the middle of medium & large (probably closer to large though) which is then better to go for (only ask as found some good deals on medium sized bikes)?

Any advice appreciated.



  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    What's your route going to be like?
    And any particular reason why you're adverse to gears?
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  • Mostly road with some urban short cuts, not adverse to gears just don't think I will need, like the idea of having a simple machine with little to no maintenance. Fixed speed bikes must make quite common commuter bikes?
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    I've never ridden single speed/fixed but if I had a flat daily commute I almost certainly would. Cheaper and less to go wrong innit?

    If you did want gears and lower maintenance there's always hub gears. ... ine_alfine
  • symosymo Posts: 1,743
    I bought the 2009 which is a flat bar but has a drop bar (thanks to a great bike shop in Glasgow who modified a flat bar version when they realised they couldn't get the drop bar in). Love it. It is now equipped with pannier rack and runs fixed. I would recommend a new rear wheel with about a min of 30 spokes in. I carry a lot of weight in the ortliebs.

    Other than that I think it's great. However should it die I would like one of these as replacement. Which is already replete with 32 spoke rear. ... lue-600mm/
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  • mavecomaveco Posts: 67
    Would recommend the Genesis Day One Cross. Have had one for 3 weeks, and is just a lot of fun, you can ride single or fixed, has 35mm cyclocross tyres, great simple v brakes, loads of clearance and fixings for racks and guards, and feels really solid. Got it in Cherry Red, loads of looks and compliments on the central London commute, and off-roading is really great fun on a steel frame with no gears. ... ighres.jpg

    Gold chain might be a bit 'bling' but overall more fun than my 2 grand Condor. Is the simplicity of single speed, with the convenience of being able to cycle on any terrain.
  • I use a Day One Cross for a 38 mile fairly up and down daily commute. I even used it on a 50 mile club run last week.

    Excellent bike. Oddly I ended up (5ft 10) with a 56 as they were out of 54. That should be too big for me, but it isn't.
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  • Purchased a 2010 Day One back in January for the bargain sale price of £374:-) It's been used every day since for my daily commute. Fitted out with full mudguards and 37mm Continental Touring Plus tyres it is perfect for daily use. Even used it for the 50 mile Prostate Tour ride in Stoke. Just buy one, you won't regret it:-)
  • mavecomaveco Posts: 67
    By the way, forgot to add size. Am 6 feet 4 inches and ride a 60cm. Would appreciate if anyone has any feedback on the tyres, Conti Cyclocross Race 35mm. Have slipped over twice now, once on cobbles and the other on wet leaves.
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