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Free hub movement

dodgykneesdodgyknees Posts: 185
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Got a Bontrager Rythm Comp rear wheel and have noticed that there is movement on the free hub.

Wheel wobbles when attached to frame and when removed if I hold the cassette there is significant side to side movement. However I can't see how to tighten it.

Doesn't seem to be an obvious locknut to loosen or tighten. Is what looks like the cone on both sides of axle but no locknut as such.

Any ideas how I tighten the freehub?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    The hub is?

    Age of wheel?

    Could be cartridge bearings. Replace them.
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  • Wheel is about 2 years old. Hub has no branding on it so not sure what make it is. Just came with the Bontrager Rythm Comp wheel.
  • When I had a problem with my Bonty Big Earl hub I contacted Trek UK and they emailed me an exploded diagram. Quite often with Bontys, there are hidden allen/hex heads within the axle and under caps. The non drive side usually has a cap thats wedged into the hub body with a rubber o-ring. When removed it usually reveals an allen/hex of some kind. The freehub side also usually has an allen/hex within the axle itself.
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  • dbodendboden Posts: 349
    The freehub usually is a 10mm allen, inside it.
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