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Can I tag along?

SamtheMutSamtheMut Posts: 2
edited November 2011 in MTB rides
So trying to get back into riding. When I was 16 me and a load of mates built a trail and a load of jumps in the local woods and every so often a mates Dad with a van would take us all over to chicksands. At the time I had a specialized hardrock pro, I go to the point were I wanted to do a bit of all mountain, light freeride/downhill so I saved up and got my self a specialized enduro.

About 3 weeks after getting the enduro I had a bit of an off. Riding of the biggest jump in the woods. I did something stupid were in the air I some how let go of the bike and upon landing mouth butted the stem! I woke up in a ambulance in agony. I knocked out 4 teeth, chipped 1, 2 inch cut were I bit my lip and bruised gonads. It put me off and the work I have been doing for the last 3 years I haven't had chance to get out.

I live in rutland and can drive so if anyone is going to chicksands etc and would be happy for me to pop along please pm me.

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