Turbo Trainers Tacx or Minoura??

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Hi all,

After taking up road cycling a few months ago work, weather and the dark are stopping me getting out as much as i would like and have decided to put a turbo trainer at the top of my Christmas list. recomendations for trainers circa £100-120 are welcome if doesn't have too many flaws including tyre wear and being too loud but (as i am not paying) after much research and pondering i am torn between the Tacx Satori Home Trainer (Evans £160 + £20 voucher) and the Minoura E-RDA-80 Trainer (Evans £180 + £20 voucher) (links below).


Both look good and have good reviews (not just on Evans website) but as it is my first one i have no idea which to choose. The only factor that is swiging me to the Minoura is that it has resistance on the side of the wheel thus resulting in no tyre wear but if it is so amazing why aren't there more trainers with this feature?? (i don't have any spare wheels nor can i afford to replace worn tyres). Although i think the Tacx looks nicer and will match my bike better :D

Comments, sugestions welcome, thanks in advacnce,