Rapha Rain Jacket owners

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I fancy the new red one.

How boil-in-the-bag is it?

Could it also be used as a third layer on an early winter ride?

I don't need the Softshell as that department is covered, and although the Wind Jacket is meant to have pretty good water resistance the grey and the blue colours scream 'hit me car' and the pink just screams :D


  • cougie
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    I have the black and white one. Its good for breathability. Bizarrely it doesnt see much use as it seems a shame to get such a lovely garment mucky.

    As for a third layer - depends how mild it is. I think you may overheat ?
  • Mccaria
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    I have the cream one - it is a nice piece of kit.

    I also have the wind jacket which folds up very small and is useful for rides where there is a chill in the air or an outside chance of rain - but if there is a reasonable possibility of rain I would take the rain jacket. Wind jacket is of limited use in anything above a light shower.
  • ajb72
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    I have always found mine to be very effective at striking the balance between waterproofing and breathability. The lining is pretty effective at keeping the clammy material away from your skin. It's obviously going to be warm in warmer weather, but for autumn through to early spring it is very good.

    As for windproofing, this is a real strength. I rode a sportive in 2010 in horrendous conditions with a freezing wind, with only the rain jacket over a short sleeve jersey. It was absolutely awesome in keeping me protected and warm enough.

    If you do go for the red one I doubt you'll be disappointed, it is a lovely deep colour, not as bright as you might expect from the website shots.
  • ajb72
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    I should dd that I have also previously owned a wind jacket, and whilst it was great for stuffing into a jersey pocket on a ride, I found it too clammy to wear in most situations where I was working hard - much preferred a gillet.
  • Excellent info folks - many thanks. Red it is :-)