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Cube sl cross sl or merida speeder t5 ????

Xarles86Xarles86 Posts: 2
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Hi guys,

I would like to buy a good commuting bike. I want a bike that i can use to go to work everyday on the streets (I like going fast) and a bike that i also can use to do soft training (no more than 100 km) at the weekends. I am also planning to do some traveling in germany and norway this is why i want a bike that has the possibility to have a rack to put some bike bags during winter. And a bike with the possibility to put wider tires than the tires than normally the race bikes use, but still i want to be fast.

I have two candidates, but i am having problems to decide. Both bikes has the same range of prices.

The first one: cube sl cross sl. I am not sure about the tires. Are they to heavy ??? this bike is 100 eur more expensive.

The second one: merida speeder t5. This bike does not have carbon fork but i could spend a extra 100 eur to buy a carbon fork. ... lash=true&

I am pretty sure i want to buy one of those bikes but i am not sure which one !!!! Could you guys give any hints that would help me to make my mind.

Thanks for all your help


  • Can't comment from experience on either bike - sorry.
    However, for what it's worth, I have just changed allegiance from Specialized to Cube for both road and mountain bikes.
    Cube's range, price and build quality did it for me.

    Regards from The Slapster, Cornwall, UK

    Chronologically inept since 2026

    Who Rides Cubes:
    On the road - 2011 Cube Streamer
    On the trail - 2012 Cube Elite Super HPC Pro
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