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Today, my bookmarks on my iPhone (iOS 4) bring up the new (to me) mobile site and a 404 error. "No problem", I think; "I'll switch to classic view and continue." This works until I close the page- next visit, same problem. Are you issuing cookies so that a preference for the "classic" view can be retained or should I be encouraged to use the mobile site?
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  • josnor
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    As you've mentioned, it's still a relatively new development for us. We're working on fixing the 404 errors and eventually you should only be shown the mobile site if that page exists on the mobile site - which we hope will be a better experience for mobile browsers than the main site.
  • DrLex
    DrLex Posts: 2,142
    Thanks for the update; it's back to normal now. I consider myself to be "on notice" for a mobile-optimised version of the fora to appear "soon".
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