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In more doping news...

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"Locke Released From Team Champion System

Taifun Sports Group announced today that effective immediately, Deon Locke, a member of the Swiss based Champion System continental team, has been suspended from the team following an Adverse Analytical Finding in the analysis of a sample taken at the Tour of Hainan.

Markus Kammerman, the director of the Taifun Sports Group which manages the team, stated “We were not aware of Deon’s actions prior to this doping announcement and we are extremely disappointed in his apparently irresponsible and selfish actions. We have informed Deon that he has been immediately suspended without pay and his contract will be terminated in accordance with our zero tolerance anti-doping policy”

Mr. Locke, who rode for the Taifun Sports team in 2010 & 2011 has admitted his complicity to management and has taken full responsibility for his actions. We have been advised that he will inform the UCI and will not request an analysis of his B sample and will accept whatever sanctions are levied."

Good to see Champion System taking a tough stance.

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  • Taifun? Tour of Hainan? Sounds like China.
  • In Hainan, China, the country’s largest rainforest also houses a number of exotic and endangered wildlife species. In particular, the Hainan gibbons, are a rare ape species, and number only 23 in the world. ... bitat.html

    Good luck to our fellow creatures on earth, amazing what a google search brings up.

    For the record, I do have a tour of China t-shirt from a few years back. Interesting, has gotten a good amount of wear despite having the People's Republic flag on, that part, bad, the drawing of a cyclist, good.
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