PBK Delivery Times

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Made a recent order at PBK and still waiting for delivery. I know they offer free delivery but so do most online stores i've dealt with.
Order was made late Sunday night, so would have been on their system first thing Monday morning, only received email of order shipment on Tuesady and no delivery today as i'm off work all week, so know no attempted delivery by postamn.
Wasn't an expensive order but shouldn't all orders be treated the same.
I'm I being picky or has anyone else experienced similiar service??


  • Ive ordered stuff on a saturday - got email notification on a monday and its arrived by thursday - I wouldnt worry too much.
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  • I aint worried I know it will turn up, just saying that they process things slower than most companies.
  • Gazzaputt
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    Yep PBK are a lot slower but the products arrive and their customer support is 2nd to none.
  • MattC59
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    think yourself lucky, I ordered a shirt from Crew on Friday morning. Shipping cost £4.95. I got the email telling me it was ready to ship on Wednesday. It's now 3pm on Thursday and the fookin thing still hasn't shown up. For £4.95, I expect it to be processed and shipped that day. Even if I ignore the fact that the numpties took four days to process the order, I would have thought that £4.95 would get me over night shipping !!

    I can only put this down to being a fault on Wiggle's part !
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  • I ordered some kit from PBK on a Tuesday morning and had it within 2 hours. Mind you I did walk round the corner and picked it up myself...