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GunwitchGunwitch Posts: 13
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Hi guys. New to the scene and looking for anywhere around York to ride.
I know about Dalby, transport is a problem as i have no bike rack for the car and it's tiny, so looking for somewhere close by that is within cycling distance.
I could ride to Dalby, but the A64 is a nightmare for a cyclist.



  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    It's the best I can do unfortunately. it depends what you're looking for and where abouts in York you live. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get more info from one of York's many cycle shops.

    The old railway line between York (Bishopthorpe) and Selby is a blast on a road bike (ie it's straight and fairly level) but it could get a bit monotonous on a mountain bike.

  • Many thanks fella, seen that website. I should ask the guys in my local shop instead of chatting about bike bits :oops:
  • University or down by the river...

    Just go out on the bike and explore, unfortunately its a very flat area so there isn't much exciting unless you go out of town and well you'll be cycling for ages before you get anywhere near a hill

    Go big or go home.
  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    I'd forgotten about Yearsley Woods on the road out towards Helmsley. There's pretty much any type of trail you'd ever want on a Mountain Bike from mud tracks, hardpack trails and tarmac roads: ... img051.jpg

    It's not the largest area but you've to get there and back as well of course.

    nb, I'm not sure what type of riding you're after. I'm basically a converted roadie so I tend to prefer the speed of hardpack trails above the full off-road experience. Also, and unlike the next door neighbour, I can't see much fun in mud-plugging!

  • Cheers for the link beverick, much appreciated.
    I'm a begineer so not looking for anything too strenuous or "technical", and i'm not sure how much the new bike will take :shock:
    I don't mind mud, I'm a full time TA tanky so there's no worries there :lol:
    I supposed i'm a converted roady aswell, nothing serious, just tend to cycle everywhere. I figured i'd get into mountain biking for more exercise, and as another way to get out of the humdrum of the office.
    I used to do a bit of mountain biking back in 91/93 but that was few and far between and on an old non sus bone shaker!

    I'd be happy with a flat packed trail for a few hours with a hill or two thrown in.
  • Hi Mate

    Live in York to and have also been looking for places to ride, I have a van and get upto Dalby and hamsterley with mates plus off to Gisburn next weekend but it would be nicer to ride form the front door! Regard York there aint much but there are some reasonable bits by the river, knavesmire, hob moor just no hills I'm afraid. Will be out tommorow and if you want to see some places let me know and will see what I can do, just dont expect anything to great but it can be fun!

  • Hi Mikkola,

    Unfortunately i'm working this weekend, but thanks for the offer.
    Next weekend i'm free - for now though
  • No worries, as i say it aint great around here but if you would like showing some of the bits ive discovered pm me when your free and i'll see what i can do!

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