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hi all,

in preperation for my new years resolution to cycle to work i'm on the hunt for a bike but i want to be sure to get the right one.

my office is only two miles away - however we're moving and the new distance will be exactly 8.8 miles.

here's what i know so far:

- dont need or want suspension
- would really like a light weight frame
- i'd prefer not to have curly whirley handlles (dont thinkg my tommy would allow the position)
- tyres - something between proper road tyres and moutain bike tyres.

can anyone recomend a good brand/model that i should look at?

ive been searching around on ebay but without knowing anything about the brands i'm not sure if what i'm looking is good value our not.

manyy thanks


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    OK - I'm going to commit the most heinous crime possible on this forum and recommend a hybrid!

    A simplistic description of a hybrid is a mix of mountain bike frame and handlebars - with road wheels and gearing (and tyres between the two). Actual hybrids can learn more to the road or more to rough surfaces.

    The reason most will no be aghast is that hybrids are seen as jack of all trades, master of none. And a good number of folks that buy them for similar reasons to you will then wish they had bought a road bike with the curly whirlies.

    So I'm going to say, buy a second hand hybrid that's serviceable and running that will see you through until spring. Then if you want you can sell it for near enough what you paid for it - then either buy a new one, get the road bike - or go back to the car :)

    For brands, look at Specialized, Trek, Kona, Giant etc If you aim to spend about £200 second-hand, you'll get something half decent. Best try a few out in shops first so you know size etc - as with ebay, you'll probably be buying without really testing or even seeing it.
  • Got to say I disagree with OP (no offence), visit someone like Evans or local bike shop & look at hybrids & road bikes, any decent shop will let you test ride a few to find what suits you best & give you lots of advice to help your decision.
    Dont get hung up on the issue of "curly whirly bars", you will spend most of the time with your hands on the hoods (brake levers & top of bars) so you won't be bent double unless you are trying to reduce drag into the wind or on a decent down hill.
    You will probably find that drops (curly whirly bars) actually give you more hand position options & are therefore more flexible & comfortable than straight bars.
    Biggest considerations should be the type of roads you are riding on, your budget etc, everyone I know who has bought a hybrid has ended up moving on to road bike & regretting hybrid purchase.
    Good luck with the search & there will be plenty of help & advice on this forum.
  • thanks guys. I 'm going to our local shop today to have a look (It's called Blazing Sadles!)

    i'll post back with some info, prices/spec etc
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    The typical "hybrid" is a bit overweight and plagued by suspension forks so its no wonder people wish to upgrade. However you can get flat bar bikes like the ones you seek. One of the most popular is Boardman, available at Halfords and other "fine bike stores". They are nicely made and the Comp version comes with disk brakes (positioned for use with normal luggage rack and mudguards).
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    Road bike each and every time you'll want one after a couple of months anyway so get stuck in.

    Personally buying a commuter that will handle all weathers (within reason) and not break the bank Ribble - I have just bought a ribble winter/audax bike and to say I am impressed is an understatement

    I have had various bikes over years and have also tired a Giant Hybrid - nice ride light and quick left me wanting a full on road bike again. I have a Giant MTB on slicks parked in the shed (never gets used) summer road Bike (Cube which I love but dont like getting dirty) and my tt Bike (Carbon Planet X Currently in the turbo trainer for the winter). The Ribble has taken all my what shall I ride to work today issues away - I take the lean mean blue machine (with mudguards) job done. :D
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  • I use a Specialized Sirrus for the kind of thing you're describing, and its perfect. I bought it 2nd hand off BR for £300.
  • thanks for all the advice guys.

    i think i've pretty much decided on a hybrid. it seems to tick all the boxes for me at the moment.

    what do people think of this: ... TQ:GB:1123

    apart from the OTT paint work and coloured tyres the spec seems ok, i'm watching the auction to see what it goes for. I emailed the guy and he said it weighs 11kg which doesnt seem too bad either.

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    NO! Horrible no-name bike. Don't do it. Best try some bikes out at a shop - then if you want to buy online, go for one you've tried in the same size.

    Where abouts are you based?
  • littlehampton, west sussex.

    we've got two good bike shops + a halfords.

    i took a gaint rapid 3 out for a spin the other day which was perfect in every way but you can't get them for less than £350 2nd hand
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    Comparing the Giant with the Tedman, the Giant has established components from known brands - they're also road oriented. The Tedman has more mountain oriented kit but bottom of the range (you get Tourney derailleurs on kids bikes) or no-name kit.

    I'd say a second hand Giant at twice the price is worth it over the Tedman - it's a bike to sit rusting in the shed.

    What size Giant did you try?
  • i think the guy said it was a large.

    i'm 5.11 and he seemed to think it was the right size for me. certainly felt ok for me.

    i've now got a saved search on ebay for gaint rapid 3.

    there's one forsale in newcastle at the mo - it would only take me 6 hours to get there! :-)
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    get a cyclocross bike
  • Have a look at allterrain on line, they had some great deals on 2011 bikes, including Giant Hybrids
  • Check out the for sale secion one there
  • many thanks for everyones help. i decided on a hybrid in the end. i guess it's easy enough to upgrade to a proper road bike should i get the urge.

    i won speacialised sirus sport 2011 on ebay for £250

    i would upload some pics but this site only allows 256kb each image which is way to small and i dont have the time to fiddle around making them smaller.