Bike Radar Toddlebike Trial Results - Scarlett 23 months

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My toddler is called Scarlett and she is 23 months old. She is a very active toddler who likes to play with her dolly, pretend to have picnics and enjoys playing with her watering can in the garden. Her favourite toy is her dolly, although she plays with all of her toys depending on her mood. At present she is very keen on copying myself and her mother! This ranges from feeding her dolly in the high chair to cleaning up the lounge. She also enjoys going in her child seat on the back of my bike and going on a cycle with Mummy and Daddy.

The Toddlebike arrived very promptly with the packaging and address label intact. The parcel was surprisingly light and did not contain too much filling, which was a pleasing.

My very impression was that the bike was small for the age of child it is aimed at. I had in my mind that the bike should be bigger. Nonetheless Scarlett was very pleased to have a “bikey” and was very excited to have a play. Even opening the box was a highlight. I was very pleased to see that no assembly was required and that it was very light. I like the fact that the colours vary and that bold, block colours are used. We play name the colour with various parts of the bike.

Having a toddler I am aware of the cost of toys currently on the market and for the use I have had so far with the bike I think that paying £25 is very good value for money. The bike has not broken and appears to be able to last the distance with a toddler

The only toy that Scarlett has which is comparable to the Toddlebike is her baby walker, which converts into a car that she can sit on a push herself around. Both are toys she can sit on and push herself around with her feet. They are both colourful and did not require assembly before use. The walker is heavier, bulkier and difficult to steer as it has not steering. It does however convert from the upright walker to the sit on car.

Scarlett learnt to use the Toddlebike indoors. At first she did try and sit on the frame of the bike but after being told she needed to sit on the green seat she was left to her own devices and easily picked up scooting around the living room. She picked up steering pretty quickly too. It was only a matter of minutes. She however flip off the back a couple times by sitting too far back on the seat. This did alarm her but did not put her off mastering the bike. Within a day or so Scarlett had the bike outside in the garden and then wanted to take it out and about when I went to the shops instead of her Smart Trike. At first I was surprised on how small the bike was but in fact the size works fine and Scarlett does not have trouble riding the bike.

Scarlett quickly mastered the Toddlebike but has yet to become bored with it. She enjoys its when we go to big open spaces when it is paved so she can zoom about. It is certainly a good way of tiring her out but like most toddlers, when we go for long walks I am sometimes left carrying bike and Scarlett. Luckily the bike is so light.

Scarlett has had plenty of use for the Toddlebike. We have been on various walks around London with it. The Serpentine, Hyde Park, South Bank etc.. and the weather has mainly been dry. The bike has got wet a few times but since it is made of plastic this has not been a trouble. The best surfaces are tarmac, pavings or the pavement. Dry, cut grass is ok but long grass and wet grass has been troublesome. Indoors the bike is good on carpet or wooden floorboards.

I have noticed that Scarlett takes to sit on toys at playgroups very easily since she has had the Toddlebike. I am also much more confident in her ability to move onto a scooter now that I see she has got a little grasp on controlling a moving toy.

My overall thoughts are that the Toddlebike is a welcome addition to the toys the Scarlett plays with and seeing that it provides her with exercise it becomes a great way to tire her out and provide her with fun outdoors. We often use it to go to the park and it is often put in the book of the car when we go away so that she can have something to play with when we get to the other end. Scarlett also puts her dolly on the Toddlebike and pretends to push the dolly about. As yet it has not broken or looks like breaking, which is always a benefit. The bike is light and easily portable and can easily be put onto the back of a push chair without weighting it down.

I know that Scarlett is very pleased with the Toddlebike and would definitely miss it if we lost it. She has had tantrums with it but this happens to all her toys. I am sure she will play on her Toddlebike until she outgrows it.

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