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Altura Night Vision jacket

deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
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How warm is it?

Reason I ask is, my dear old mum is getting into her cycling but she's not the fastest and stops quite a bit. As a result she's in need of a nice warm jacket for when she's standing still. I noticed that Wiggle have the Night Vision as a clearance item (for which they obviously deserve blame) and wondered if it would fit the bill?
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  • It is surprisingly warm and it's a great fit too. Nicely lined collar will keep the chills out.
  • Sizing is generous, get a size smaller so it's not so baggy. Other than that, good weather-proof jacket and durable and err, highly visible at night.
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  • I have had mine for about 14 months now. I only really wear it in the colder months, but I agree with the other replies, it is warm, keeps the wind out and has kept me dry through downpours. I use it everyday now on my commute.

  • Only wear mine for 'proper winter riding'. It probably won't make an appearance for another 3 or 4 weeks.
    My only gripe is the quality of the zips. I managed to break the chest pocket zip on my 3rd trip out.
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  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    Last year I wore it once the temp dipped below 10 degrees with a base layer underneath. Once it got below 4 I had a base and a merino jersey and that covered me until the snow and ice rendered the roads unsafe for riding. So yes, its pretty warm.
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  • Hate to disagree with the consensus but I don't think its all that warm at all. For me it doesn't keep the windchill off as much as I hoped and I don't find it any warmer than a regular waterproof jacket as that is what mine is. A waterproof jacket in a cycle friendly cut. Like all cycle jackets it 'can' get warm if you pedal hard but I wouldn't rate it as especially good (compared to the budget lidl/aldi copies) at retaining heat once stopped.

    For this reason I went down the softshell fleece route for my partner because it does regulate body temperature better and although its only shower proof, she doesn't ride in the rain anyway.

    Nice jackets but not really any better than any other (cheaper) cagoule for thermal insulation.

  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 45,415
    It's a winter only job for me - even then it can be a boil in the bag job if you're pushing it. Not dead stylish but work a treat for cold/night time riding and good in the rain as well.
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
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    Thanks everyone, a pretty convincing endorsement. Maybe I'll get her a nice woolly jersey as well in case it doesn't work.
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