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crank extractor spindle nut type bb

superbug1980superbug1980 Posts: 43
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Hi all,

I have a Giant folding bike which i use for commuting. i would like to change the cranks as i have aquired an alloy single speed set which will be a whole lot better than the original set which appears to be made from the heaviest metal known to man. i have removed the nuts and tried to extract the crank with a standard crank extractor but as the bottom bracket is a spindle nut type (as shown in ... -nut-type/ ) the crank extractor will not fit in as the threaded stud sits flush with the crank. Has anyone else had this problem and do they make a crank extractor which winds in enough to work?

thanks in advance!


  • As Nicklouse would say, visit Park Tools' website.

    I've come across this problem before, and my trusty Park Tools tool has worked every time. Is it an especially long stud?

    The 'pushing' part of the tool has a 'mushroom' that rotates to allow the tool to work more easily, this can be unscrewed, which makes it shorter. Apply a bit of grease and crank away.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    most normal crank pullers will work. I have never had any issues with the nutted axle.
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  • i will try park tools website. the problem i have with the tool i have is that the 'pushing part' only winds back so it is flush with the end of the threads on the part that screws into the crank thus fouling up on the spindle. extremely hard to explain if i have no luck with park too;s i shall post some photos
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    The screw in my crank extractor will unscrew right out of the body. Maybe you need a better crank extractor.
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  • sorted! bought a new crank extractor and its done the job. thanks for all your replies
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