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Any new riders going to Llandegla?

Paulc68Paulc68 Posts: 9
edited December 2011 in MTB rides
Hi, i have started riding after many years of doing nothing. I have done the blue route at Llandegla twice in an hour, and the red once in 2hrs. Would like to meet up with other unfit riders and do regular meets. I can go nearlly any Sat or Sunday.

Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up.



  • Alan PAlan P Posts: 127
    I'm there this coming Sat morning.....leaving the car park circa 9.30am to do the red/black and then probably the blue after brunch. I'll probably do the same every other couple of weeks through December and into January, otherwise you'll find me at Cannock or CYB :)
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  • not strictly tied to llandegla,but these folks do there among others


    best joining trough facebook though if have a account
  • I will be there at 9ish, so will look out for you. Looking forward to having a go at the black, just got to convince my legs!!!
  • Thanks Alan for a great day. Please thank the others for waiting in the cold for me. I just check the post and i am sure i wrote this!!! (Would like to meet up with other unfit riders and do regular meets) lol

    Thanks again


    If you fancy putting up with an unfit rider i would love to go again.
  • Alan PAlan P Posts: 127
    Hi Paul, glad you enjoyed it. The wind was a bit of a pain, but otherwise the weather was great and the trails are in really good condition. That new black route is superb....great fun!

    No problem to wait for you. As I said, we always go as slow as the slowest rider so no worries. I have to say though, you did well considering you're twice the size of Paul and Andy!

    Happy for you to come along again. I'll probably do it in a fortnight (same time), although might do Cannock instead. I'll let you know.

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    Canyon Grand Canyon AL29 (2013)
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514

    I go quite a bit so could meet up every now and again...

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  • if you guys ever go on a sunday i will pop a long too as its not far for me.
  • Is anyone going out over the Xmas period. I was unfit before, but had 5 weeks off with a cracked rib, so fancy a slow run around.
  • Alan PAlan P Posts: 127
    I might be there 2nd Jan, Paul.....will let you know nearer the day
    Ibis Mojo HDR (2014)
    Canyon Grand Canyon AL29 (2013)
  • Hi, I am going to be there on Monday burning off some mince pies, would be good to join up with you if you are there.

  • Alan PAlan P Posts: 127
    Yep, I'll be there Monday at around 9.30am in the car park. Doing the black first off and then probably the red after coffee and cake :D
    Ibis Mojo HDR (2014)
    Canyon Grand Canyon AL29 (2013)
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