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Urge Endur-o-matic & Lights

beardwithabikebeardwithabike Posts: 195
edited November 2011 in MTB buying advice
I've currently got an urge enduromatic helmet and want to buy a light to mount on it.

To save money id prefer to get the cheap Chinese type light for about £40 to save cash. I've already got the Magic Shine copy on my bars and thats ideally what I want on my lid, but thinking about how to mount it is giving me a headache.

Ive had a look in other forums and people have suggested things for mounting expensive set ups. Surely there is something on deal extreme / eBay that would do the job using a £20 light from China.

Cheers guys & girls.


  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    Here's my setup using this WF-502B torch and one of the cheap velcro bar mounts. Completely unmodified - just pushed it down between the vents and pulled the velcro tight.

    Riding this Boardman Team FS 2010. Also trying my first blog.
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