Kent Boy - New Start Coast Area

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I have been riding for a while but on a Mountain Bike, I am a novice and would like to give road cycling ago. I have only ever had one go one a road racer and to be honest finding the choose confusing.

I have had a look at Wiggle and also local shops.

The cycles I am thinking of trying are listed below, can anyone please give me some advice, I plan to cycle 50 miles on weekend (currently cycle 30 miles but 10 off road) which I am sure to a hard core cyclist is nothing, as this is for fun I would like some help with the type of bike.

Firstly the :

Felt Z85 2012 model
BH Speedrom - Wiggle 2011 model
Verenti Rhigos.04 - Again can only see on Wiggle

If I am looking at the wong spec for starting please advise - my friend that do ride say only get carbon, I only want to spend £1000 max what should I do spend a bit more or spend less then upgrade later.


  • I would:

    by the Felt, or look at the Boradman or Ribble sites for the best value