Good time to buy a Pompino?

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I'm thinking of buying a Pompino for commuting/winter training. However the drop bar version is £600! None on ebay/classifieds etc.

I don't really mind paying for a new one BUT would be gutted if Planet X/On One had a sale just after I bought it. Does anyone know if they normally have a Christmas/New Year sale?

Any experiences of the Pompino? From the little I've read people seem to be very happy with them.

(perhaps I should post this in the Commuting secition??!!)
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  • amaferanga
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    I bought one of the flatbar Pomps recently for about £400 and converted it to drops. Also, the Macinato frame is half price at the moment - you could build up something with a much better spec than the Pomp for £600.
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    Where you at? Their main showroom in Rotherham is having an open day all weekend which is usually a green light for walk in bargains.
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    The Macinato is quite a bargain, however not as versatile as a Pomp for winter and commuting (Pomp can take fat(ish) tyres, guards and a rack).

    My Pompino is my commuting bike and it really does the job very well - it was cheap (back when they were £400 last year - sorry!) and is very well built all-in-all. When I ordered mine, you had some choice on the kit and the only thing I've changed is the brakes (came with the Frogs Bollox, which were, frankly, bollox).

    Wheelset is the Weinmann DP18 which seems very good and solid - rear hub can be fixed/free (I've gone fixed/fixed with 67 and 76 inches).

    Lovely bike all in all, I've not done any big distance on it (probably around 50km tops), but it is comfy for the short stuff I've done so far. One of my goals for next year is to ride a 200km fixed, so I'll find out whether it's comfy for distance then!

    I guess the only detractor is that toe overlap is a bit more of an issue than is ideal for a fixed (medium frame for me, I believe the small frame is a nightmare), oh and it's no lightweight either (but not a porker).
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    Thanks for the replies everyone - very helpful.

    I would have loved to have been able to get to the showroom this weekend however I've been at work 7am - 5pm both days so it just wasn't possible.

    I will definitely look into sourcing all of the parts separately with a view to building a Pompino up, unless I can find a decent one second hand.

    Thanks again.
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