Saracen Hybrid steers to the right

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I bought a Saracen Hybrid (nearly new) from the internet. I converted from a mountain bike because I have had 2 stolen this year I never ride off road. Generally I am very happy with the hybrid and I am glad I converted but I have one nagging problem that I need help with. Since I have had the bike it constantly wants to steer to the right. Its is only slightly noticeable when riding but as soon as you take your hands off the handle-bars the head-set and front wheel certainly turns to the right.

I have tried the following:
>Checking head-set alignment
>Putting wheel on the opposite way round - still pulls in the same direction and the tyres have no rotational arrows
>The break blocks are correctly set-up and there is no rubbing
>Checking all of the above variables on different road cambers
>I have been to a bike shop near me and they have no idea

I would appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer.



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    Check the headset for lumpiness or looseness.
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  • Sounds like the frame's bent :-(

    You can check with a piece of string wrapped around head tube to rear dropouts and measure the gaps around the seattube. My Fixed has suffered numerous crashes (another on Friday night, differrent story) and pulls to the left, easily noticeable when on rollers.
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  • Had this on the wifes hybrid...
    Check the headset's not notchy as previously mentioned...i prefer to lift the front wheel and tilt the bike and see if the forks swing feely. Even better if you can be bothered to disconnect the cables so there's no restriction.

    And speaking of cables, make sure oneof the outers isn't too tight on one side, pulling the handlebars...that's what happened with the wifes.

    Unlikely, but check the front wheel is located properly.
  • Thank you for all the advice guys
  • Bent fork legs??????
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