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Allez Comp (sort of)

woody1545woody1545 Posts: 322
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Somehow I managed to split the aluminium seat stay on the my 2009 Allez Sport. Those lovely people at Specialized and Primera said they'd take care of it under the frame warranty. Under 2 weeks later I picked up my bike and was surprised to find they'd supplied me with a lovely new Comp frameset. It took me a while but I finally found it in the Specialized Archives as a 2010 European frameset only model, with E5 tubing and carbon seatstays.

I think it looks great, although it needs a new saddle and could lose a few spacers from the stem.


P.S Yes I will finish the skirting one day.


  • Heyyyy, not bad! Maybe I'll try and split the stays on my Allez frame...
    How does it ride compared with the old full-AL one?
  • YeAH..... I've no idea but i've got a 40 mile ride to work tomorrow I've never been more excited about! Hangover be damned!
  • so how did it go? :lol:
  • Well it turns out that better quality tubing and carbon seat stays will not negate the effects of late night drinking on cycling performance :oops:

    As for the bike, everything feels tighter and more responsive. Having the bottom bracket, cables and handlebar tape replaced probably played a part. It feels smoother both front and back, the old frame could be a bit jarring on dodgy tarmac.

    This is my 3rd Allez, although I've only ever bought one. The 1st was killed in car crash along with my knee ligaments and replaced by the drivers insurance company, the 2nd couldn't take the strain of my immense power and split. :wink:
    Hopefully this one will last a bit longer. So far I'm really pleased with it, feels like a new bike without the expense.
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