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Ribble Gran Fondo

BrucieNRSBrucieNRS Posts: 12
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To cut a long story short, I joined the forum a few weeks backs to, initially, research what might be needed to repair a stripped bottom bracket thread in my 'old' road bike, an Ideal (who?) Kinesis frame based bus. It soon became obvious that what I really 'needed' to do was replace the old shed with something a bit more up-to-date so my research shifted to the 'What bike?' type of threads, and after narrowing things down to 2 or 3 bikes, the end result was the purchase of a Ribble Cycles Gran Fondo, this one, in fact... :)


And built to the following spec:-

Frame+ Forks: Ribble Gran Fondo XL (56)
Bars: ITM Alutech 7075 white
Stem: ITM Alutech 7075 white
Headset: ITM, Ritchey spacers white
Bar Tape: Pro Gel (white!)

Groupset: Full 2012 Campagnolo Black Centaur, but with the addition of Black/Red shifters/carbon levers (came fitted at no extra charge :) )

Seat: Fizik Arione Kium rails (from old bike)
Seat Post: ITM Alutech 7075/carbon white
Seat Post Clamp: Unbranded (but will be changed for something lighter and, probably, red!)

Chainset: Centaur 10 spd compact 50/34 (175mm)
Cassette: Centaur 10spd 12-25
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Power Torque

Wheels: Campagnolo Khamsin Black/Red clinchers
Tyres: Continental Ultra Sport folding
Tubes: Prorace

Pedals: After searching long and hard, I have found the heaviest pedals in the world, Time Cyclops single sided ATAC (I use mtb shoes, and Time ATAC pedals on all my bikes)

Bottle cages: On the Rivet Cycles carbon
Computer: Garmin Edge 500 cw speed/cadence sensor

Weight: 8.6 kg's without pedals :(

Firstly, I have to say that my dealings with Ribble were first class, they were helpful on the phone (particularly when discussing sizing), and always responded fairly quickly to emails, I'd certainly have no problems giving them my business in the future (although it may be some time!)

Secondly, with my limited experience of road bikes, the Gran Fondo does seem to ride like a dream, certainly fits better than the out going bike, and a couple of 60 milers have shown it to be far more comfortable, and a joy to ride - I think we're going to get on well :)



  • great looking bike for the money - well bought!
  • BrucieNRSBrucieNRS Posts: 12
    edited November 2011
    cadseen wrote:
    ... really shocked it weighs that much though !!

    Same here! Apparently, the frame gains gains a little bit for being an XL, but all the same I was a tad disappointed when I put it on the scales, I guess the weight just comes from speccing mid-range componentry, and a less than super-light frame :?: It still rides nice, though :)

    Thanks to yourself, and MR for commenting :)

  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    The Khamsins are hardly light either.

    I have a Gran Fondo (and usually it sits on Khamsins) - tbh, I don't mind the relative weight as it is primarily my commuter and I have a much lighter Look to keep my weight weenie tendencies happy. When I ride the Ribble, I never feel like it is that much heavier than the Look (which is about 7.4 kg).
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  • that looks really nice, the striping on the forks and seatstays remind me of Time frames. very handsome.

    don't worry about the weight (even tho my Alu CX bike weighs the same!) As was highlighted, the wheels and pedals are boat anchors. Why not treat yourself to the Carbon ATACs? 96 quid but 330grams which are 100g lighter than your current pedals - plus they are rotational weight.

    that stem and seatpost are super-heavy as well. but they look nice and compliment the frame well so who cares?

    I love the red accents on the shifters and QRs, nicely put together mate! a red stripe on the saddle would've added more red but might be too much?

    finally, the angle of the bars and the height of the levers on the bars is just immaculate. quite impressed.
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