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Anyone got a Btwin Triban Junior?

othelloothello Posts: 577
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I've started looking for a 24" wheel road bike as my son is *just* about getting big enough for one. I might go the Isla or Moda route, but I was in Decathlon today and saw they had a Triban Junior in.

Has anyone got one, and if so any thoughts/views?

I know it is not a patch on an Isla. However my son won't be big enough for an Isla for a while as the frame is that bit higher, whereas te Btwin is lower. This might be a good interim, that could be passed onto his younger sister, if he goes to a bigger bike in a years time or so.

I'm not so keen on the 7 speed freehub and stem mounted shifters. But for the money it is a bit of a bargain.
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  • I bought one recently for my nephew who is 8. It's a great little bike for the money. Initially I thought the stem mounted gear change and brake extensions were a bit naff but actually work well for little hands. All in all a good little bike for the money.
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