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Saracen Hybrid steers to the right

radsketchradsketch Posts: 9
edited November 2011 in Commuting general
I bought a Saracen Hybrid (nearly new) from the internet. I converted from a mountain bike because I have had 2 stolen this year I never ride off road. Generally I am very happy with the hybrid and I am glad I converted but I have one nagging problem that I need help with. Since I have had the bike it constantly wants to steer to the right. Its is only slightly noticeable when riding but as soon as you take your hands off the handle-bars the head-set and front wheel certainly turns to the right.

I have tried the following:
>Checking head-set alignment
>Putting wheel on the opposite way round - still pulls in the same direction and the tyres have no rotational arrows
>The break blocks are correctly set-up and there is no rubbing
>Checking all of the above variables on different road cambers
>I have been to a bike shop near me and they have no idea

I would appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer.



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