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I originally posted this in the road beginners section but I thought I'd have more luck here:

My bike seems to have developed a strange noise from the free hub. In addition to the usual clicking noise when freewheeling there is a tapping sound that seems to occur about once per wheel revolution. Also the noise only appears when travelling over 20mph. The sound is also there if I lift the back up and spin the wheel - it also happens while stationary if the pedals are spun backwards very quickly.

The noise disappears completely when I'm pedalling or if I'm freewheeling but turning the pedals so the relative speed between the wheel and cassette is lower.

I took the cassette off and had a look at the free hub and it seems to turn very smoothly by hand - there is nothing loose or otherwise out of place. I'm all out of ideas.

Does anyone know what this might be? Has my free hub had it or could it be something else? For info the bike has only done 500 miles.


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    New bike time?


    Could be that the freehub is loose. Many things I am afraid.
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  • I would check everything is tight, some times you think a noise is coming from one component when it could be something else, just double check everything is tight and no play in any bearings, headset, even a bottle cage as daft as it sounds, then keep riding the problem will revile it's self at some point, I used to worry about these things but after building many bikes you realize that if you let it develop then you know what needs fixing, I hope this helps :D