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Campagnolo Record 10 Speed rear derailleur

RupertRobertsonRupertRobertson Posts: 8
edited November 2011 in The workshop
I've got a Record 10 Speed rear derailleur that isn't changing gear as well as it should, despite new jockey wheels, checking the handlebar lever, new chain and new cassette. It is, however, about 8 years old and has slight sideways play when the bottom of the jockey wheel cage is moved. I'm not particularly surprised as it's obviously worn, but has anyone come across this problem of inconsistent shifting due to a worn mechanism?
(It occurred to me that the spring could be replaced as well but by the time I've done all that it may still not be satisfactory due to overall wear).

Anyone's advice who's had a similar experience would be welcomed,


Rupert Robertson
(Colnago CT1 and Extreme C)


  • Gear change degrades as the derailleur wears I'm afraid. Once theres play in the pivots the derailleur is less effective at moving the chain up or down the cassette because the pull of the cable has to take the slop out of the mech before it moves. You have to live with it and then bin it when it becomes to bad.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
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