Cinelli Experience?

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Hi all

I am thinking of buying a Cinelli Experience frame to replace my CAAD8. I was just wondering if anyone had any 'experience' of them or the brand in general?


  • I've ridden Cinelli track bikes and fixed gears (Vigorelli and MASH, respectively) and imo they were both outstanding frames for what they were built for. Not much help I realise, but from my extremely limited experience I'd say you can't go wrong with an alloy Cinelli.
  • fleshtuxedo
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    I have a 2010 (Campag Veloce) one and very happy with it - used for commuting and winter riding. It's a really enjoyable ride, very stable and yet lively and fits me great. Occasionally feels a bit harsh but no more so than a CAAD. Finish has been hardwearing and it's given me no problems. I've really liked using the Campag groupset also.
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    I recently picked up a 2010 model too, but upgraded to Athena and with Campag Vento wheels. It's also acting as my winter bike at the moment. I totally agree with FleshTuxedo, it's lots of fun to ride! It's not a lightweight, but I used to have a Specialized Allez Sport alu/carbon and IMO the Cinelli is much better on the road. I think the new 2011/12 models are at least a couple of hundred grammes lighter.

    Other plus points are the fact that it comes from a top marque and a company with a real flair for design. I'm sure Cycling+ put the Experience in its top sub £1k bikes this year.

    Not ridden one personally but I did remember reading the above. Hope it helps.