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When will we have 'search' back?

nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
Being unable to read only 'new posts since last visit' and the loss of the search button have really spoiled the functionality of the site. Will we be getting these back in the near future? I find having to plough through each subforum quite off putting and have hardly visited the forums since the removal of these functions.


  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    I cant be bothered to trawl through all the sub-forums. Since the 'show new posts' has gone, the only things I have looked at are those I get notifications on - so I have no idea what else if going on at the moment...

    The 'Show New' is the only way to make BR forum usable as there are waaay too many subforums.

  • ^^^ This.

    I enjoy looking at posts since last visit, not being able to do this has really spoilt the site for me. :(:(
  • big_pbig_p Posts: 565
    this forum is dead and buried without the "view new posts" link.
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Agreed. A lot of the whinges about the new forum are just that, but this means that a feature that worked before, and a lot of people use, is actually really broken - you are going to lose people if you don't fix it fast.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    a solution is being worked on.
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  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    It's fixed (famous last words)
    Jeff Jones

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