What Maker uses intricate crown design in it's welds?

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I must have seen this maker on How it's Made or the like, I've no idea it's been some time, but this guy didn't cut his tubes straight across they where cut like a leaf or crown, both sides fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and then were welded or brazed together. I tried a google search figuring if the guy was on TV I could find him with key words such as "beautifully welded tube joints" among others, but no go.... Ideas anyone?


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    Sounds like your talking about fancy-cut lugs which are used on traditionally built steel frames with brazed construction rather than welding:
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    Mitred joints?
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    All frame tube joint are mitred, they simply wouldn't be strong enough if there wasn't metal to metal contact.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    IF (Independent Fabrication) do crown shaped lugs (and v.nice too) or Richard Sachs has some nice ones (serious money tho' in both cases)
  • It sounds like you might be talking about a bilaminated joint, in which you effectively create a 'false' lug on one of the two tubes being connected to each other. If you do a google search I think Ricky Feather in York has used this method on a few of his frames. I believe Hetchins also might have used the technique to create the more elaborate lug that they used.
  • I was going to say google bilaminated
    Raleigh did some frames which were lugs welded together but it wasn't quite the same as your describing Record springs to mind Claude butler did a lot of bilaminate work and also strikes a note