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Raven Black trail at Brechfa

mikewoodsmikewoods Posts: 135
edited November 2011 in Routes
Were going to try out our pathetic skills at the Raven Trail in Brechfa in December once its reopened! I dont excpect to survive but on the off-chance that I do anyone know roughly how long it takes? should we be packing sandwiches etc or can we go round it light?


  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    I think the trail is about 12 miles long, so I guess it depends on how fit you are.
  • UltUlt Posts: 60
    Up there most weekends so know it well. Takes around 1hr 15m - 1hr 45m depending on who comes with us. Best option is to combine it with the red gorlech trail to make it into a 38-39km, 3-4+ hour trip (depending on how many stops you have). When you reach the top of the Raven (2 horrible climbs) you will have 3 shortish sections of downhill singletrack in a row seperated by forestry roads. At the end of the third of these, turn left when you meet the forestry road rather than follow the raven signs. 100 yards away is the top of the final Gorlech descent.

    The Gorlech is well worth doing if you are there, as it is really fast and flowy and I probably prefer it in parts to most of the Raven. Pack the sarnies and some drinks and do both.
  • Great thanks for the advice! Do we miss much from the raven trail if we turn off onto the gorlech at that point? -I've heard a lot of good stuff about the gorlech too so wouldnt mind combining the two!
  • UltUlt Posts: 60
    You won't miss any of the Raven. You will do the first half(ish) of the Raven. You will then turn off the raven and do the final gorlech decent. By completing the gorlech it will bring you back to the point at which you left the raven. You can then continue and complete the raven.

    The only thing you can get wrong is where to stop following the raven signs. After about 50min- 1hr 15 and a few steep climbs you will have 3 fairly short sections of singletrack in succession with only the width of a forestry road seperating them. At the end of the third of these turn left and 50-100 yards will bring you to a large open junction and the top of the final gorlech descent will be on your right hand side.

    It is quite a long ride 39-40k with over 2000metres of climbing. When you know a route well you sometimes forget this and some will find it a long hard day, especially in winter.

    A notice has been put up as well indicating that it will reopen on 1st of Dec (but these dates are always subject to change so check before leaving)

    Enjoy. Especially the 4 big table tops in a row on the raven!
  • Awesome - that sounds like a great plan!!

    I am quite sure we will die but its going to be worth it!
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