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Anyone in Gran Canaria Jan 23-30th 2012?

nwns88nwns88 Posts: 107
edited November 2011 in Tour & expedition

I have managed to get a pass from the wife for a week's cycling in Gran Canaria Jan 23-30th. I will be with a friend who is not really up to doing some of the better road rides (such as the Valley of Tears).

I am looking for someone who would like to join me on some of the better rides for a bit of comapny and mutual support. We plan to hire bikes from who are based in the Hotel Sandy Beach. I have used them for the past 10 years and they are good value and provide excellent bikes.

I have gps files for all the freemotion winter rides so we wont get lost.

Give me a PM if you are planning to go and would like to meet up.




  • CrimmeyCrimmey Posts: 207
    Any chance u can change to week before :-) I would have loved a freebie guide. Enjoy. I'm back in may if u want to volunteer ure. services again.
  • nwns88nwns88 Posts: 107
    Sadly can't go the previous week. Freemotion now have the gps info on their web site (linked to the tours). You can save the rides as KML and change to garmin routes on

    Would love to go in May, but I doubt if the wife will agree!

    Enjoy your trip.
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