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Bike Radar Toddlebike Trial Results - Finley 22 months

Jo HockleyJo Hockley Posts: 66
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Finley is a very active 22 month old, he walked from 10 months, and hasn’t stopped running since!
He adores being outside whatever the weather, being a typical young boy, getting mucky, playing in sand or soil, on his slide or just kicking a ball around.
His favourite toy would have to be his Scuttlebug, which he whizzes round on all the time, he’s had it from about 18months and use it constantly.

The parcel arrived promptly, and in good condition, the address label was easy to read.
I wouldn’t say the parcel was attractive, but it was certainly intriguing to my son, who couldn’t wait to see what was inside it.

The look of joy when Finley first opened the parcel was a real picture. Such excitement, he couldn’t wait to get all the bubble wrap off.

My initial impression was very good, I thought the bike was well made, sturdy yet light enough for a toddler to pick up and use, quite a wise choice of materials, which must help keep the costs down and lovely bright colours to catch the eye straight away.

Finley’s first impressions, well, jumping up and down shouting BIKE! BIKE! BIKE! Kind of sums it up, he couldn’t wait to get some miles in! Up and down the kitchen, he wouldn’t get of it, he took to it straight away, but then using his scuttlebug must have helped. He tried taking it in the bath with him that night, and even sat on it watching his favourite TV show instead of sitting on the floor as he usually does.

From a cost point of view I think it is about right, it is in a good price range, which makes it ideal for gifts, I often spend that sort of amount on our younger extended family members and wouldn’t think twice about purchasing one for them. If I was to price it, I think staying under the £20.00 mark would be a must (so £19.95 is ideal).

The main toy Finley has which we can use for comparison is a Scuttlebug, which shares a similar price category, but is more of a trike. Material wise, the Scuttlebug is largely of a plastic construction, but with metal foldaway legs. It has much smaller wheels, which means it is less agile across rougher ground. I think the scuttlebug is a good starter, but then the toddlebike will aid the transition from trike to balance bike greatly. I haven’t seen anything that compares directly though.

As I have said Finley took to his Toddlebike straight away having already had some experience on his trike. He started indoors buzzing around the house, but quickly moved outside and used it in the garden and on the patio, he now uses it when we go out for walks, it’s never far from hand.

In Summary the Toddlebike has been a great succsess, and a super addition to Finleys toys.
Other children have played on it, and its been used pretty much every day without letting us down.
The only areas I can see for improvement would be around the handlebars. The grips could maybe made softer with a grip cover as the back of the grip is not solid, we also noted the due to the pattern of tread on the wheels the bike is very loud over Tiled /wooden floors, if there was some way of adding clip on wheel covers for indoor use, this could help reduce the noise, and save having to clean the wheels after every trip outside.

Versatility 8 /10
Design 8 /10
Parent practicality 10 /10
Enjoyment 10/10
Learning 7 /10
Robustness 10/10
Value for money (£19.95) 9 /10
Overall 9/10

Finley and Graham




The Bike Radar Toddlebike Trial is a project currently running involving 45 Bike Radar Forum members who, with the help of their 18-24 month old Toddler, have been asked to test a Toddlebike for a month over a range of terrains indoor and out and then share their unedited findings on the Forum. For more photos, videos and reviews check out
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