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Bike Radar Toddlebike Trial Results - Rosie, 30 months

Jo HockleyJo Hockley Posts: 66
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Rosie is a happy and contented 30 month old toddler, she is a very active toddler (aren’t they all!) and loves the outdoors. She always wants to play at the park or in her garden. Rosie enjoys playing chase and learning new things, she loves jumping and is learning to hop at the moment!

Our toddle bike arrived in an exciting big package just a few days after we’d asked to be part of the trial! We’d told Rosie it was coming so she was very excited to open it up and see what it looked like.

Rosie loved the look of her new toddle bike and hopped right on to ride it round our lounge and kitchen. I thought it was smaller than I imagined it would be, but Rosie is quite tall and at the older age range that’s suggested for the toddle bike. My husband thought it looked rather like a lego bike! I loved the bright colours.

To be totally honest I feel the toddle bike is over priced. A friend of ours has the Scuttlebug (link below) and can be bought for £18. It is a bit more ‘sleek’ (if that’s the word), less chunky and plastic looking and is a little taller. I would not buy the Toddlebike at its full price (£24.95). ... CF8Q8wIwAw

Rosie liked the bike straight away and leapt right on! It didn’t seem to be as much of a balance bike as I imagined it would be - she never fell off. Maybe at a younger age the child would need to learn the skills of balancing more than Rosie’s age. We took it out and about straight away. She got frustrated by how slow it went on the grass but enjoyed whizzing along pathways at the park. After a few days however she didn’t look to ride on her Toddlebike as much as at the beginning. Rosie took it to her friend’s house and he LOVED it so much we let him borrow it for a few days. He enjoyed it a lot more than Rosie did and his mum is seriously considering buying one (but feels it is a little too expensive). Every time we go to the park we take it with us and she lets other children play on it.

Rosie used her bike lots outdoors, especially when we go to the park. We go rain or shine, although the weather recently in Derbyshire has been rather lovely so the bike has seen lots of sunshine! Rosie likes it best on harder surfaces, such as pavements and paths, and rather enjoyed going through puddles too!





The Bike Radar Toddlebike Trial is a project currently running involving 45 Bike Radar Forum members who, with the help of their 18-24 month old Toddler, have been asked to test a Toddlebike for a month over a range of terrains indoor and out and then share their unedited findings on the original Forum. For more photos and reviews check out
Jo Hockley

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  • Rosie and I would say:

    Versatility (i.e. Suitability for indoor/outdoor use and on varied journeys) 6/10 - it is great on smooth surfaces and picks up good speed, not so good on grass/rougher terrains.

    Design (aesthetic and practicality) 8/10

    Parent practicality (i.e. around the house, when out riding or carrying) 10/10

    Enjoyment 10/10

    Learning (i.e. did it help your Toddler master balance/co-ordination/other skills?) 5/10 - I think I would be able to put a higher score for a younger child, I can't wait for my 4 month old son to learn to ride it when he gets older!

    Robustness 10/10 so far!!!

    Value for money (£19.95) 5/10 - once post and packaging is added to it at £24.95 I feel it is overpriced.

    Overall 8/10
    Jo Hockley

    [email protected]
    01273 453940
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