Birthday Pressie(s)

Warwickshire Whizzer
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Morning all,

It's my birthday today, and my loving wife presented me with a lovely cycleops jet fluid pro. So, does she love me, or really really hate me? I'm not sure...


  • Hang on - How does she know about a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro unless she's been listening to your incessant ramblings about it.
    This can only mean one thing my friend; that's right she's thinking of having an affair and wants you out in the garage with an MP3 player blasting loud music into your ears, for prolonged periods of time.
    Of course I'm no Psychologist and it may just be that she likes to please you and see your face light up like a small toddlers. You decide.
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  • 'wife' and 'fluid pro' in the same sentence= excellent.

    All the best chap, hope you have a drink or five before the days out.
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