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Buckled back wheel

jeffladjefflad Posts: 315
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Complete disaster coming in this morning with the back wheel buckling and eventually getting a puncture. I've suffered numerous buckles over a year or so with this bike and wonder what's the cause. Is it the way the wheel fits in the frame, poor quality rim (bought from Halfords) the free wheel or something else?

I'm thinking of changing the wheel, freewheel and chain. I should also add I've used about 3 different Halfords rims and all have buckled, can the quality really be that bad, an I too heavy I guess pushing 17st with bag and kit including me. My other bike that I don't like to commute on has never had these issues, help!


  • Can't exactly be sure and you don't specify if it's a 700C wheel or 26" MTB wheel, but some road wheels have weight limits (usually around 90-100kg). MTB wheels are usually sturdier so if it's an MTB this probably isn't the cause.
    If it's a road wheel I would look at purchasing a new wheel (not from Halfords). Stick with ones that have 32 spokes (these will be much stronger) or look at getting a wheel built for you using Mavic Open Pro rims. If you must go down the Factory wheel route as it can be cheaper and easier, then stick to Shimano or Mavic which I don't think have weight limits.
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  • jeffladjefflad Posts: 315

    It's a mountain bike wheel, 26", would you change the freewheel and chain too?

    Been looking at tru-build has anyone experience of these?
  • With a few notable exceptions, (Namely Easton) all factory built wheels will need their spokes adjusted after around 4 weeks.
    Tru-build are built by Raleigh and although I have no experience of them I would expect these to be good strong wheels. MTB wheels should be more than capable of handling 17st in weight as they are really designed to take some punishing hits, jumps etc.
    If the freewheel and chain are in good condition and not too old I wouldn't be looking to change them.

    Good luck and enjoy the new wheels.
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  • jeffladjefflad Posts: 315
    I've plumped for a M:Wheel Shimano M475/Mavic XM317 Silver Rear Mtb Wheel. Had to buy a 7 speed cassette too. Hope it's worth the investment :-s
  • Good choice I think.
    Mavic rims are always good and reliable, 32 DT Swiss spokes should give you the strength you need.
    Hope you get years of use out of them.
    There's warp speed - then there's Storck Speed
  • jeffladjefflad Posts: 315
    So do I :)

    Thanks for your advice!
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