Chainring prices

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The middle chainring on my tiagra triple looks pretty worn and the chain is more than 10% stretched.

Any idea if I would get away with one chainring and one chain? The cassette is newish and the two other chainrings don't look too bad.

Lots of brands to choose from; no one seems to sell sets any more so I'd be looking at £80 + to replace all three. I might as well get a new crankset.

The other option is to run it into the ground.


  • Chris James
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    10%? presumably you mean 1%!

    Some chain rings look pretty worn from scratch with all the profiling required for smooth shifting.

    I'd put a new chain on and see if it skips or there is any chain suck. If it does then you need new rings.
  • amaferanga
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    If you want cheap, try some Stronglight Dural rings from Spa Cycles.
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