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Trigon RQC-29

FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
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Taiwan's Finest, will post more pics when it's built. Will have RS80s, Dura-Ace, CNC brakes, unknown bar/stem as yet.
Was a choice between this, a Deda Super Scuro, a 2010 Giant TCR SL Advanced (on sale on Wiggle), it was this review ( and a resonable discount!) that sealed it:


  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,983
    Looking forward to seeing it built up. I'd've gone for matching Trigon bar, stem and seatpost...

    I was going to get one myself but something else cropped up.
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  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    I have the matching seat post, but the bars were another £250! So I think something like a red ritchey WCS would be OK for now until funds recover.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430
    Congrats - I have one of these and it's great! I also have a Scuro RS, and the Trigon is considerably stiffer but just as comfortable, so you probably made a good choice over the Super Scuro assuming its similar to the RS. The folks in Taiwan know what they are doing with carbon!

    Looking forward to seeing it built up! Is that a 550(L) size?
  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    Yes, it's a 550cm. Going by the specs, the top tube isn't that long, which is great as I have long legs but a stumpy upper body!
    Glad you prefer it over the RS, which was another choice, but the ISP scared me a bit.
    Haven't started building yet, some red cables are on their way, and the wife is away next week, so it'll all kick off then.
    Tyres may be black/red Schwalbe ZX, but I may be going a bit far on the colour coordination.
    As an aside the frame weighed 1159gm (no headset), so not superbike light, but good enough.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430
    Mine is a 520(M) and I was going to say don't forget to take the seat tube angle into account when reading the top tube figures, but the L is a reasonably normal 73.5 (the M is 74.5!).
    Tyres may be black/red Schwalbe ZX, but I may be going a bit far on the colour coordination.
    Don't do it, black tyres always look best! (and you don't need to worry about the coloured sidewalls getting grubby).
    As an aside the frame weighed 1159gm (no headset), so not superbike light, but good enough.
    Mine was in the same ballpark given the smaller size but I still managed to build it up to be sub 15lbs (with Record, Shamals, speedplay and 3T team bars & stem admittedly, which are all fairly light). Actually, many so-called superbikes are around the same frame weight if you include paint, BB shell and all the other stuff they leave out.. The Pina Dogma is distinctly heavier!
  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    Neeb - got any pics?
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430
    Here is is on WWs - I got there before you with "Taiwan's finest"! :wink:

    I need to take a photo outdoors sometime, the flash reflections don't do it justice.. ... 10&t=93534
  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    I've read that thread before! The phrase must have stuck in my brain; (c) neeb now!

    Looks great, glad I went with the red cables. Hope my DA / RS80 setup means I can get close to 15lbs as well.
  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    So here it is finished.
    Trigon RQC-29 frame and forks (size 55), standard British BB.
    Trigon Carbon Seatpost
    Dura-Ace 7900 chainset
    Dura-Ace Bottom Bracket
    Dura-Ace 7800 shifters, rear and front mechs
    Ratio Carbon braze-on front mech adapter
    Shimano RS-80 wheels
    Planet-X CNC Brake Callipers
    Ritchey WCS "Wet" Red stem
    USE Atom Carbon Handlebars (from a chap at work for a fiver!)
    Jagwire cables
    Charge Spoon Saddle
    Ultegra pedals
    Lizard Skins Bar Tape

    Weight: 16.1 lbs inc everything.


    Improvements to be made:
    Matching tyres
    Perhaps different saddle if I can find one as comfy as the spoon, and lighter.
    Take better pics when the sun comes out!
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430
    Looking good! Have you ridden it yet? What do you think?

    An outdoors picture from further away is a necessity!

    I'll post a new/better pic of mine in due course. It's fettling season here in Helsinki and I'm swapping some stuff around...
  • FlambesFlambes Posts: 191
    No , not ridden it yet. Probably won't until March! My old focus cayo is serving me well as a winter bike.
    The trigon will just be lightly dusted until then.
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