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If you get the chance to see the new musical grab it.



  • Cheers for the review! Where did you sit?

    I've been meaning to book for a while, put it off, and now only the £60 tickets left for my birthday. It'll cost £240 to take the kids that day, if you sat in the upper circle how was it? If the £30 seats are o.k I might just go the following week otherwise looks like I'm going to have to dust the wallet off!
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    If you get the chance to see the new musical grab it.


    I grab it most nights- with or without music.
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  • We were in the stalls.

    I'm sure it would be great in the circle but there is quite a bit of movement and performance through the seating so probably better downstairs if you can.
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    OT - Wicked's on in the Hague now and I'm tempted to see it but as I ve never seen the wizard of Oz, is it worth it? I only know about it from Glee anyway!
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  • A musical? I always thought that this was a male dominated forum, obviously a lot more of you are Women than I had realised. :twisted: