bought a bike at last!

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Well guys, after a number of posts and advice from in here I've finally ordered a new road bike, my first ever.
It was all down to a Scott CR1 comp or a Ribble Sportive Bianco, and can I just say I visited Ribble twice and they were very very helpful both times, I thought I would mention that as they do seem to get bad press in here.
I was on the verge of ordering a ribble when lo and behold, they stuck their price up by about £50, which made me look again at the Scott, well at the price I found it I just couldnt not get it, ok it's not a full 105 groupset but for a newcomer like me I'm sure it will do the business.
I ended up ordering from Wallis Cycles in Higher Walton near Preston, and the owner there, Martin, was fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend the shop, picking the bike up on saturday and can't wait....


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    Well done and welcome to the obsessive madness that is road cycling!
    Where would you be if you fell down a hole?.. Stuck down a hole... in the fog... Stuck down a hole, in the fog, at night... WITH AN OWL!
  • Good job. Now time for all those lovely accessories :D
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    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    was that brand new? I thought he dealt with second hand bikes? he did many moons ago anyway
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    Say goodbye to all your free cash.