CTC or BC membership?

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I'm looking at joining either the CTC or BC primarily for their 3rd party insurance, does
anyone have any experience of the insurance with both of these?
or any ideas of pro's and cons?


  • I've used the CTC after I t-boned a car (yes that is the right way round) done and dusted in three days. A clubmate is going through it after a less cut and dry accident and the physio/osteopath work is still being financed over a year later. Replacing her bike took a while as brokers have little idea of bike value or repair possibilities but that wasn't the CTC's fault. I suspect it's more what type of riding you do. If race comes anywhere in your spec' then BC is the way.
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  • hugo15
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    BC do a Ride Membership for £24 (note: no racing licence). CTC want £36.
    CTC do a quarterly magazine. Nothing with BC.
    From what I could see the level of cover between the two was pretty similar so I went with BC (after a number of years as a CTC memeber) as the magazine wasn't worth the additional £12 per year IMHO.
    No experience with the insurance.
  • Thanks for the replies, i'm not intending to race so the CTC looks more favourable just from your experience Wooliferkins.
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    Check your house insurance policy. I'm with M&S and it covers me (third party) whilst out riding my bike. Other than that the CTC membership is good value.