Exposure Maxx-D Mounting to tapered handlesbars

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I'm trying to attach this light with the supplied bracket but my boardman pro 2011 ht has tapered handlebars and the light keeps slipping, anyone else had similar problems mounting these lights to tapered handlebars?

I can't decide where to attach the quick release bracket to avoid it slipping, and not sure which spacers to use, instructions don't really help either.

The new maxx-d light is superb, apart from this problem.


  • Beardface
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    Where abouts are you trying to mount the light on the bar?

    Generally, most modern lights have fittings for the OS part of the bar closest to the stem, but should have fittings to allow them to fit on standard 25.4 bars as well.

    My lights (not exposure though) are mounted either side of my stem.
  • miss notax
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    I have tapered bars on the Minxy and have just fitted my Maxx D bracket to the bike last week. I agree in that it wasn't best fit, but I have the bracket very close to the stem and it seems to fit ok. I had to take the padding out and was expecting it to slip to be honest, but it was fine :D
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  • CraigXXL
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    I have mine fitted close to the stem too. Never had any slippage, mine came with thin adhesive rubber strips to stick on the inside of the clamp. Not the best pic below showing the mounting bracket fitted.

  • tenfoot
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    Ditto for close to the stem. My Maxx-D doesn't move at all. I have it mounted as close to the stem as possible. There won't be any taper there.
  • I cut up an old inner tube and put that under the mounting.
    Evens everything out, the light stays in place, but can still be lowered when I get on the roads.
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