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Patella Tendonitis

sporting woodsporting wood Posts: 62
edited November 2011 in Health, fitness & training
I have it.

I've been stretching my quads but I feel fairly confident that by doing them it's irritating the tendon further. Everytime I stretch the quad I can feel the tendon, it feels like it's tightening and I feel a slight increase in pain when I release the leg.

I've been stretching hamstrings, icing, taking ibuprofen and if anything the tendons are getting worse, not better.

Has anyone else experienced this?

For info I felt a slight twinge during a ride and stopped riding. Since then I haven't ridden, that was two weeks ago and it's at least twice as bad now.

My quads aren't actually terribly tight and I regularly use a foam roller, I can happily use the roller for a while without it causing much pain.
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