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Big Hairy Wallapers
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I've been a subscriber to a mountain biking mag for several years and become frustrated at the free gifts the mag gives new subscribers whilst not rewarding existing loyal subscribers.
Consequently, I've binned it and plan on subscribing to a road cycling mag.
I am fickle and easily pleased so instead of buying a copy of each mag and deciding a favourite I thought I'd whore my subsription out to whoever offers the best introductory freebie!!
Any tips of where to look first or tales of gifts from the past?


  • Redhog14
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    Suggest C+ as they are giving away an Altura rain jkt at the mo. Watch they are not from the the same publisher as they might not count it as a new subscription... TBH though I gave up on that too not much more than a big catalouge masquerading as a bike mag - try Cycle Sport they may actually have a sense of humour!
  • RDW
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    Cycling Weekly were giving away a £130 Rapha Jersey a couple of weeks ago, which pretty much made the magazine free. They killed that one pretty quickly 'due to high demand'.
  • Yossie
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    Cycle Sport are doing a £79.99 winter jacket (Endura or Altura I think offhand) free with subs.

    Much, much better mag reading wise than Pro Cycling, but P/C has better piccies.
  • Thanks for the tips so far, I'll head to the newsagents n have a flick at cycle sport and cycling plus.
    Any further comments would be great.
  • Big Hairy Wallpapers, I agree with what you say about the mags only offering free gifts to new subscribers and not rewarding loyal subscribers. I rang C+ about this after they sent me a mailer telling me the best way to renew my subscription was to do it by Direct Debit. I told them I thought the best way was by re-subscribing and getting the free gift which they agreed with. Since then I have received two reminders to renew my subscription from them???

    I think I will join you and see who offers the best gift together with offering a good read.
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  • keef66
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    I got an Altura jacket (but not the beanie hat which should've accompanied it)with a C+ suscription a while ago, and subsequently a buff and a pair of socks with one off magazine purchases.

    I've given up on subscriptions; it's the same old stuff repeated at intervals