Bought a mail order bike. Having issues!

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Alright all, so i finally went and bought a bike (Genesis Core 30) from a reputable Wigan-based bike shop. Mail order as they were having a really good close out sale.

Took it for a first blast - loved it. but I noticed the front dérailleur is out of line and refuses to shift up or down. And the chain is rubbing somewhere round the rear cassette. Also there is quite a worrying clunking sound somewhere when both brakes are engaged, wheels locked and I put weight of pressure on the bike.

Now, as far as I'm aware, bikes should come from a shop fully set up and ready to ride apart from a few easy assembly jobs (peddles, bars, front wheel etc). Clearly, this bike isn't quite set up right and hasn't been checked before sending. I've emailed the shop regarding these matters and their response was that the Genesis bikes don't undergo a pre-dispatch check. They haven't given a reason why. And that i should check and set up the bike myself.

Now i'm not the most handy person in the world, and aside from some maintenance work i wasnt totally expecting to tune the bike myself straight from the shop. I'm sure that i can find and remedy most of the issues myself - there's plenty of stuff out there online. But my point is, that I should have to.

So my questions are.. what are my rights in this situation? What can i do about it? Should i have beef with the shop or with Genesis (which i dont think its exactly fair)? Whats the most likely outcome to hope for

Any help is most appreciated. Sorry for the long post.



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    The shop dosen't have to set the bike up perfectly, check there website it will say bikes bought by mail order will require some assembly.
    You can try having a "beef" with the shop but i doubt you will get anywere.

    The front mech is one bolt, loosen realign, tighten and the chain will rub in some gears, the "clunking" could be a number of things (forks, brakes).

    With the money you saved you could get your local LBS to check it over.
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  • Of course, i'm to happy the assemble the bike. I would expect nothing less. but something as essential as a front mech i feel should be set up correctly out of the box. Particularly if its your first proper bike and all you want to do is go hit the trails.

    You wouldn't expect to have to change the oil or windscreen wipers in a brand new car would you, let alone adjust the gear ratios in the gearbox.
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    If there's any 'beef' it's with the shop.

    But I bet the clunking is either normal (the brake pads moving slightly in the caliper) or a loose headset.

    The gears should be easy to sort too.

    Headset, go to adjustment, about 3/4 of the way down the page: ... ice#adjust

    Front and rear derailleur adjustment: ... ur-systems

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  • Cheers for that. I've no doubt i can sort the problems.

    But i shouldn't have to, especially when i have a signed and dated pre-dispatch inspection form which has all been ticked off, suggesting that it has been checked, but obviously not thoroughly.

    Its just quite frustrating that i didn't have the full range of gears straight away. I understand that by buying mail-order you lose the 6 week free check that a lot of shops do. and I was fully prepared to accept this and pay for a check up at my local bike shop after a couple of months. But straight away? Im not so sure.
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    You could send it back and ask them to do it. Much quicker and easier to sort it out yourself, and it's just regular maintenance anyway.
    Parktools has everything you need.
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    "especially when i have a signed and dated pre-dispatch inspection form which has all been ticked off, suggesting that it has been checked, but obviously not thoroughly.£"

    What exactly did this say? Did it say all the gears had been adjusted? Many bikes are sent mail order needing assembly and adjustment. I am afraid unless you do not have written proof that they set it up then there is nothing you can do.
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    Got a Cube delivered last week from Wigan with the same checklist.

    I assumed it was a comprehensive check as it apparently delays delivery by 1-2 days (I asked as I need
    to make sure I was at home for delivery).

    Have yet to ride the bike as I'm waiting for my free V12s (MBR subscription) but will be sure to
    give it a good check before riding - I've already put it all together and fitted new tyres and all seems
    well - no brake or chain rubbing, gears change okay, forks sag is fine.

    Checked it as best I could without riding (which isn't saying much tbh)

    (Apologies for short sentences - blue box issue!)
  • The checklist covers everything from brakes and gears to frame imperfections etc etc.

    Kindly the shop has offered to cover the cost of a full brake adjustment from an LBS. I'm not that worried about a fiver, but its the principle really. Fantastic customer service is all i can say.

    Thanks very much!
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    Still something you'll have to do yourself, probably sooner rather than later.
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    IME unless you go with a quality LBS who takes care of the PDI you get a poorly assembled bike. I bought my eldest a cararra blast 24" and it was very poorly assembled. I bought my dad a whyte 901 from our LBS and it was properly set up for him.

    However, if you are not happy with what you have, send them a cancel notice under the distance selling regulations and ask them to arrange to collect it. Its highly likely that this mail order firm will not have properly complied with the DSRs giving you up to 3 months a 7 days to cancel.

    Personally - this kind of setup is well worth learning, as you will have to do it sooner or later. There are some good online guides and youtubes on this kind of stuff.