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24 hour Tourmalet

mypelotonmypeloton Posts: 2
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I've been searching around to see if there are any records for the number of times classic climbs have been ridden in a day. E.g. Greatest number of times the Col du Tourmalet have been climbed in 24 hours (by an individual, not just everyone on the mountain in a given day). Does anybody know of such records?


  • No. Not that I know of.
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  • weltonwelton Posts: 65
    I don't think any such records exist. Most folk would move on and climb elsewhere in the same day.
    The only occasion for a double climb would be like this years T d F route of Galibier.
    I think the only mountain with recorded info. is Alpe d'Huez where there are organised timed climbs every Thursday in the season.
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  • There is for Ventoux - 11 times in 24 hours iirc. It came off the back of the cingles (3 times up in a day) which turned into something else which is four times (the three road routes and the one mtb route). Some bloke then decided to see how many times he could knock it out inside 24 hours.

    Dont know of any others though
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    Not a record as such, but there's the Dutch annual charity event ( where the challenge is to ride Alpe d'Huez six times in 1 day.
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