Front wheel noise

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In the week this has been down, front wheel has developed an annoying 'clicking/creaking' noise :(

Haven't had the wheel out or changed anything, so checked wheel in tight, mudguard secure and not bent/catching, tyre good, disc brake secure/not bent or catching. On checking the spokes, one was a bit loose...ahaa tighten offending spoke, and then preceded a quick lesson in how to true a wheel :oops: Got it pretty darn close as it was dark and light rain :cry:

But alas 'clicking/creaking' is still evident. Haven't checked bearings yet, but guess that's the next obviuos thing to do.

Any tips as it may not manifest itself unless under load :?:


  • Quite often is just creaky spokes and also a soft designed rim ... good in many ways but one thing it can cause is excessive spoke movement over time causing creaky spokes, nothing to worry about really just try to keep it true

    Bearings are usually a clicking and deep rumble (if just loose ball bearings) if you have the sealed cartridge bearings than slight play in the hub and rough sounding when span.

    I would leave it and if it gets worse strip the hub down and either pack full of a decent bearing grease or replace bearing ..... on the other hand it might just settle down :)
  • Can you hear the noise when the wheel is free wheeling or only when applying power?

    If its only when pedalling with plenty of power (i.e. stood up inparticular), could be a (slightly) loose headset. They tend to creak and ping a bit when loose.
  • Can you hear the noise when the wheel is free wheeling or only when applying power?

    It's silent when free wheeling, so will check the headset.

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated 8)
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    Do you hear the noise when you're out of the saddle (so the weight shifts more over the front wheel)?

    It's worth taking out the front wheel and cleaning the drop-outs. I had that a few months ago, did that, and no more creaking.
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    Silent when freewheeling ? Sure it's not the rear wheel/transmission ? Also check the axle is located ok in the dropouts and the QR secure.
  • I checked everything over but didn't find anything unusual, but noise has dissapeared now :)

    Only took front wheel out and refitted it after checking everything :|