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Dawes Diamond Folder

SouthernDaveSouthernDave Posts: 33
edited November 2011 in The workshop
Hi! Does anyone here have one of these bikes? It is a Dawes Diamond Folding bike with three speed hub gears. Lovely bike, brand new but I am having some teething troubles.... When the bike is folded, how does it lock together? There were no instructions but after e-mailing Dawes they confirmed the bike does lock when folded and sent me the manual. However, the manual does not say how it locks!? It refers to a magnetic lock on the top models (i.e. not the Diamond!), which clearly mine doesn't have. I e-mailed Dawes again, but I am being ignored now.... :roll:

The bike is a cracker and for the money I paid, even better, but it should lock when folded surely? Or do I revert to plan B and buy a bungee chord....... :? :lol:


  • Solved!

    What BRILLIANT customer service from Dawes. I had a call today which confirmed that the Diamond has no locking system to keep it folded. There is a magnetic locking system on the upper range of folders only. However, as this consists of two opposing magnet and fittings, they are sending me the kit in the post at no cost. :mrgreen:

    Hats off to Dawes for this superb effort to not only sell a bike but retain customer confidence and loyalty. THANK YOU!
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