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Down at Berwick today, car getting serviced. Done 20 miles in and around Berwick. 3.5oC at Dunbar down to minus one between there and Berwick, 1oC at Berwick. Jeez me fingers and toe's got cold. Bought meself a winter cycling jacket at Aldi to put on. Was a balmy 8 oC on drive back up at 1200hrs. How are you getting on during this cold snap?


  • Been quite reasonable down here in Norfolk so far, not even had my central heating on yet this winter.
  • 49 miler from Dundee, over to St Andrews and out the back into the rolling Fife hills yesterday in lovely cold crisp weather. Not a cloud in the sky and 3mph wind. Base layer, bibs, knee warmers, DeFeet gloves, cap, buff and my trusty Giordana FR Carbon jacket. Toasty from start to finish. I love this time of year.
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    With it being colder i have even more excuses to eat more pies and drink beer!
  • Still about 12-16c here, plenty of that pishy misty rain though, enjoying the dark commutes, sure ill lose interest soon though. Makes a welcome change from last winter which started in september and ended in june. :lol:
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    10 degrees here, not into my longs yet.

    Looks like it might change soon though......
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    Kneewarmers were enough this morning - but only just.

    I thought my fingers were going to fall off though so it's full finger gloves tomorrow.

    My main problem this time of year is that the weather is variable - one day I'm freezing and the next I wear the same and I overheat.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    My main problem this time of year is that the weather is variable - one day I'm freezing and the next I wear the same and I overheat.

    yes totally agree; in 1 week I`ve had to go from mild autumn clothing of 3/4 and baselayer / jersey right thro to yesterday full winter kit. Every day brings a change :o
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    Yep, got it wrong today - legwarmers and it was about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    A bugger to get it right this time of year. Got it wrong on Sunday's club run, well over dressed, got a tide mark on my jacket through having sweated so much.
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