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Android apps for cycling

NifflemanNiffleman Posts: 87
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I have just got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy mini, and it has Android and GPS. I had a little look at the Android Market and there are quite a few bike related apps. Some are free and some cost. Can anyone recommend good Android apps for cycling? My phone is a low end model by Android standards, but I hope there will be something worth using. Any advice gratefully received.


  • Highly abuse Cardiotrainer, had a dabble with Allsport GPS too. Love cardiotrainer to bits!
  • giarcgiarc Posts: 54
  • I love Endomondo and upgraded to pro.
  • GizmodoGizmodo Posts: 1,928
    What do you use your bike for and what do you want the app to do? Are you training to race or do you just want to map where you have been?

    If it's the later then I used Map My Ride, before I bought a Garmin.
  • Chances are the battery wont last long enough
  • BigSoyBigSoy Posts: 14
    divingrob wrote:
    Chances are the battery wont last long enough

    Have you actually tried this?

    Strava seems to work fine for me, Mapmyride is a bit more resource hungry and seems less consistent on maintaining GPS tracking.
  • Endomondo is a definate - been using it for a couple of months and it suits what I need perfectly.
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  • JimboMJimboM Posts: 380
    I'm currently using CardioTrainer for the race against yourself functionality but export the data to Endomondo because their web interface is excellent.

    If you don't need the virtual racing then just go for Endomondo.
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  • MrBibble wrote:
    Highly abuse Cardiotrainer, had a dabble with Allsport GPS too. Love cardiotrainer to bits!

    +1 for cardiotrainer - still using the free version and has enough features for me. I've logged 6+ hour rides and have had no battery issues.
  • I have used Endomondo since Feb and it is great! I have tracked 2000 odd miles using it and it has been pretty much faultless. The website is really good and has some brilliant statistics tools if you want to go there. You have loads of tracking options including "race against yourself" and many more.

    I have also used Sports Tracker which is quite good too!
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  • I am using runmeter on my iphone - cost £2.99, award winning GPS app, has cycling feature within it. Much better in fact than my polar GPS and speed monitors. Really excellent - not sure if they do andriod version. No probs re battery consumption and I'm out for a few hrs at a time with barely a dent in it - and I listen to the ipod during that time too.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    I've used the free version of Endomondo and Google My Tracks together. Both have pros and cons compared to each other. Endemondo for speaking to you when it's in the back pocket and My Tracks for creating personal google map routes of your journey and speed/climb graphs.

    However, recently started using the free version of Map My Ride and it looks like the best of both. It has extra features on the main website where you can go tricks like hover over the mapped route to view interactive speed/altitude graphs etc.
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